Store data in MySQL database via PlanetScale.


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This driver stores KV information in a Planetscale DB with columns of id, value, created_at and updated_at.

To use, you will need to install @planetscale/database in your project:

  "dependencies": {
    "@planetscale/database": "^1.5.0"

Then you can create a table to store your data by running the following query in your Planetscale database, where <storage> is the name of the table you want to use:

create table <storage> (
 id varchar(255) not null primary key,
 value longtext,
 created_at timestamp default current_timestamp,
 updated_at timestamp default current_timestamp on update current_timestamp

You can then configure the driver like this:

import { createStorage } from "unstorage";
import planetscaleDriver from "unstorage/drivers/planetscale";

const storage = createStorage({
  driver: planetscaleDriver({
    // This should certainly not be inlined in your code but loaded via runtime config
    // or environment variables depending on your framework/project.
    url: "mysql://xxxxxxxxx:************",
    // table: 'storage'


  • url (required): You can find your URL in the Planetscale dashboard.
  • table: The name of the table to read from. It defaults to storage.
  • boostCache: Whether to enable cached queries: see docs.