Store data in MongoDB using Node.js mongodb package

This driver stores KV information in a MongoDB collection with a separate document for each key value pair.

To use it, you will need to install mongodb in your project:

npm i mongodb


import { createStorage } from "unstorage";
import mongodbDriver from "unstorage/drivers/mongodb";

const storage = createStorage({
  driver: mongodbDriver({
    connectionString: "CONNECTION_STRING",
    databaseName: "test",
    collectionName: "test",


The driver supports the following authentication methods:

  • connectionString: The MongoDB connection string. This is the only way to authenticate.


  • connectionString (required): The connection string to use to connect to the MongoDB database. It should be in the format mongodb://<username>:<password>@<host>:<port>/<database>.
  • databaseName: The name of the database to use. Defaults to unstorage.
  • collectionName: The name of the collection to use. Defaults to unstorage.