Map files from a remote github repository (readonly).


This driver fetches all possible keys once and keep it in cache for 10 minutes. Due to GitHub rate limit, it is highly recommanded to provide a token. It only applies to fetching keys.

import { createStorage } from "unstorage";
import githubDriver from "unstorage/drivers/github";

const storage = createStorage({
  driver: githubDriver({
    repo: "nuxt/nuxt",
    branch: "main",
    dir: "/docs",


  • repo: Github repository. Format is username/repo or org/repo (required)
  • token: Github API token. (recommended)
  • branch: Target branch. Default is main
  • dir: Use a directory as driver root.
  • ttl: Filenames cache revalidate time. Default is 600 seconds (10 minutes)
  • apiURL: Github API domain. Default is
  • cdnURL: Github RAW CDN Url. Default is